• Arundel Community Trails Is Open! Click here for the trail map. 

  • Trail Status: We're excited to announce that the top section of ACT's Flow Trail is OPEN for riding as of 10/23! The lower section remains closed due to wet conditions. Please pay attention to signage, have fun and ride safe!

  • Learn about our Mountain Bike Flow Trail Project.



About the Arundel Conservation Trust

The Arundel Conservation Trust is a chapter of the long-established Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. Building on 40+ years of experience, the ACT is dedicated to creating a stronger, more vibrant community that honors our heritage through the conservation of our unique natural, recreational, and scenic resources for the enjoyment of all.

Our mission:

  • Maximize our effectiveness and resources in securing significant properties by working within the organizational structure of Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. 

  • Identify and fund the ability to acquire and conserve properties. 

  • To foster conservation through nurturing partnerships with town government, community groups and others to balance the need for economic growth, wildlife corridors and human enjoyment of the outdoors. 

  • Promote education and provide access to the natural world for all.

  • Enlist support of volunteers to create and maintain in stewardship our properties.

Looking back at 2019

Arundel Roots

Our vibrant community has a rich and diverse history, filled with the stories that define the growth of our state and our nation. Our goal is to preserve and protect the natural land for future generations to enjoy!

The paths the Cluff Preserve.
Collecting Eggs
The woods of the Cluff Preserve
Farming in Arundel
Fresh doughnuts for sale!
Free Range Poultry Farm
Arundel Horse Farms & Trails

This wouldn't be possible without all of YOU!

Read up on ACT's 2nd Annual Meeting here.

ACT's 2019 Community Hero: Roger Taschereau, Director of Arundel Public Works

ACT's 2019 Volunteer of the Year: Bud Danis and Dave Jourdan

ACT's 2019 Special Volunteer Award: The Rush Family


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PHONE: 207.967.3465    EMAIL: info@arundeltrust.org

ADDRESS: P.O.Box 2704 Kennebunkport, Maine USA  04046