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Trail Use Guidelines 

ACT is delighted that use of our community trails continues to grow. We want to remind everyone, both newcomers and seasoned trail enthusiast to enjoy the ACT trails safely by understanding and using the ACT Trail Guidelines.

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ACT's position is to be respectful to all supporter constituencies: walkers, cyclists and hunters. 

  • Trails are open during daylight hours

  • Stay on marked trails

  • Leave no trace

  • Take no souvenirs

  • Control your pet

  • Never scare animals

  • No horses or motorized vehicles

  • Hunting:

ACT does not post "no trespassing" or "no hunting" signs on any of our land. These lands and the lands surrounding them have traditionally been hunted on. 

  1. Welch Woods:  Maine State laws prevents hunting within 100 yards of residences which effectively eliminates hunting on Welch Woods.  

  2. Cluff Preserve:   Cluff Preserve has always had hunting on these lands and the deed requires ACT to keep the same uses. 

  3. Limerick Road:  The ACT Limerick Road property is also historically a hunting area. It is surrounded by the Labbe easement and the Kezar land which both allow hunting. 


Walkers and bikers, should always take precautions whenever they are in the woods during hunting season. 


A link to 2021/2022 Maine government hunting/trapping laws is provided as a reference. 

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