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The Arundel Conservation Trust (“ACT”) is committed to preserving the unique rural character of Arundel, keeping the woodlands and nature around us available for all of us - grown-ups, kids, and families - to freely enjoy, learn about, and preserve the natural world and way of life in our small town. Our goal is to build and maintain community space for people of all ages to enjoy!

Did you know?

ACT is an all-volunteer organization that has conserved 150 acres of wild spaces for you to enjoy in the town of Arundel, ME!

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ACT Trail Connections

ACT's Arundel Community Trail connects to the Eastern Trail and our Welch Woods property connects to the Kennebunk River. 

2022 ACT Kids Fun Ride & Race

'Roll Um Easy' Bike Flow Trail

There is a family-friendly mountain bike flow trail behind the Arundel Municipal Building. This is accessible by a multi use path that connects to the Eastern Trail!

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Cluff Land Plans

ACT’s current project is to create access to and walking trails in the beautiful Cluff Preserve. This trail will cross the beautiful Goff Mill Brook.

The Cluff Preserve in 2023/2024!

Our next project is the 40-acre Cluff Preserve off Sinnott Road, with its big open fields, frontage along Goff’s Mill brook, and beautiful woodlands area. We need to build a safe parking lot, several walking trails, and a nature trail alongside Goff’s Mill Brook. The woodlands and open field of this special area deserve a professional conservation management plan, which requires hiring an outside specialist.

How to get involved:


Create lasting impact by becoming a monthly donor
to help conserve Arundel wild spaces and make them
accessible to you. Whether it's $10, $25, or $100 each
month, it's easy to set up. 

Make a one-time donation in the amount of your choice. Every dollar counts! Donate here> 

Join us as a volunteer:

Share your valuable knowledge and skills. Volunteer for Trail  Fest, help with  trail building, or join us on a committee.  Learn more >

Register to run or walk at Trail Fest:

The 3rd Annual ACT Trail Fest, presented by Kennebunk Savings Bank, is coming September 23rd! Live band, great food, medals & prizes. Learn More> 

Lead or participate in an educational event:

Share your expertise. Build your knowledge.

Support the Arundel Conservation Trust

Make a recurring evergreen


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