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The Arundel Conservation Trust (“ACT”) is committed to preserving the unique rural character of Arundel, keeping the woodlands and nature around us available for all of us - grown-ups, kids, and families - to freely enjoy, learn about, and preserve the natural world and way of life in our small town. Our goal is to build and maintain community space for people of all ages to enjoy!

Completed Work in 2022!

  • Completed a new multi-use trail at Arundel Community Trails that created loop access to the Eastern Trail.

  • Built 200 ft. of stream crossings on the Arundel Community Trails.

  • Installed an 8 ft. culvert, with the help of skilled volunteer professionals, that will enable emergency and maintenance access to the Arundel Community Trails.

  • Accepted the donation of a 50+ acre parcel on Irving Road, bringing the total acres under ACT stewardship to more than 150 acres.

  • Organized observation walks and other nature-based education programs on ACT trails.

The Cluff Preserve in 2023!

Our next project is the 40-acre Cluff Preserve off Sinnott Road, with its big open fields, frontage along Goff’s Mill brook, and beautiful woodlands area. We need to build a safe parking lot, several walking trails, and a nature trail alongside Goff’s Mill Brook. The woodlands and open field of this special area deserve a professional conservation management plan, which requires hiring an outside specialist.

What difference does your donation make?

$25 - buy a brush-cutting saw to remove invasive plants

$50 - a heavy duty lopper for trail clearing

$100 - a new trail sign for Arundel Community Trails

$250 - gravel, lumber, and hardware for the Cluff Preserve bridge project

$500 - 10% of the Cluff Preserve bridge

$1,000 - engage a professional forester to develop a land management plan for Cluff Preserve

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