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Arundel Fairy House Trail

@ The Arundel Community Trails

The Arundel Conservation Trust in partnership with local community members have created a fun and inspiring Fairy House Trail along the Arundel Community Trails. Inspire your children to get out and enjoy nature! While you walk along the trail you and your young explorers will be able to enjoy 6 different fairy houses. Local kiddos have had a chance to decorate and add special embellishments to the fairy houses throughout the summer. Feel free to encourage your little ones to add a fence or garden while keeping and protecting the work of others!

The Arundel Community Trail located behind the Arundel Municipal Building is open from dawn to dusk every day. These fun fairy houses will be up until the end of fall when the fairies will pack up and hibernate for the winter. 

Thank you for enjoying and respecting the space!

Fairy house trail in Arundel Maine.jpg

Share Your Photos

If you'd like to share your photos of the fairy garden trail please send tag us on Facebook or Instagram. You can also email us at

If any issues need to be addressed along the trail you can also send us a note via email and we will address those promptly. Thank you!

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