Skillet Toss Not a Flash in the Pan

As the Arundel Conservation Trust (ACT) becomes more involved in Arundel’s community activities, we’re trying hard to bring some fun to the mix. ACT was graciously invited to be a participant in last week’s Arundel Heritage Day celebration, which is put on annually by the Arundel Historical Society. Thankfully, we have some creative folks on our board. The perpetually fun Linda Zuke suggested our approach to the event, hosting the ACT’s 1st Annual Ladies Skillet Throwing Contest - and it was a great success! I have to be honest; when I first heard the suggestion, I was a little “confused.” I came to learn that throwing skillets is supposedly an old British country fair sporting event, in whi

Remembering our Roots

It was well over a year ago since Arundel Conservation Trust was formed and I thought it a good time to share the contents of this article, published in Seacoast Online in 2017, that outline the important things we stand for. Proudly, I can add that we've made considerable progress. The founding members are still involved and our group has grown in numbers. We've built a website and hosted several activities and fundraising events. And, there will be more! Please stay tuned. We're thankful to the community of Arundel for welcoming our activities with open arms! Enjoy our story! By Kathy Dion / Posted Apr 5, 2017 at 2:23 PMUpdated Apr 5, 2017 at 2:32 PM ARUNDEL — Mem

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