Welch Woods Trail Dedication and Ribbon Cutting

The Arundel Conservation Trust (ACT) is a comprised of a small but mighty group of volunteers and board members who have come a long way in the past 2 years. As a chapter of the long-established Kennebunkport Conservation Trust the ACT is dedicated to promoting a strong and vibrant community that honors the Arundel heritage through the conservation of our unique, natural and scenic land for neighbors and visitors to enjoy. On October 24th the ACT officially opened the first river access trail with a dedication to Richard Welch and a ceremonial ribbon cutting. The trail located in Arundel, Maine off of River Road marks the first of many efforts led by locals to create spaces and trails for co

The Genesis of the Arundel Conservation Trust

As the first snow of 2019 descends upon us, it's a great time to stop and recognize all that the Arundel Conservation Trust "ACT" has accomplished since our incorporation in early 2018. And in that vein, it's also an opportunity to share with our community the story of how the ACT came to be! In 2016, the “town fathers” of Arundel were once again thinking about the need for a new Town Hall building. The current facility on Limerick Road next to the fire station was badly overcrowded, technology-deprived and flirting with non-compliance in several Federal & State laws concerning ADA access. This was at a time just after two heated votes on Arundel’s remaining in RSU #21 had rattled the fault-

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