Breaking Ground on the Next Chapter for the ACT!

Fast forward three years from the birth of the Arundel Conservation Trust (“ACT”) that we talked about in our first blog article to now and you’re witness to something remarkable happening in our little town! When can you last recall voters attending a Town Meeting to vote on a measure that would increase their taxes - and then standing as a group to applaud when it passed? That’s exactly what happened on November 7th at the M.L. Day school as the overflow crowd of residents stood, breaking into applause when the results were announced of the vote to build a new $2.9 million Town Municipal building on Limerick Road. Nearly unanimously, Arundel’s citizens voted “yes” – and in doing so, wer

Jack Reetz Recognized for Service to Community

Our own ACT board member Jack Reetz is recognized for his service and commitment to the Arundel community! For the past 17 years Jack has served on a number of different boards and committees that have worked toward improving and maintaining the natural beauty of the Arundel heritage while creating spaces for people to enjoy community. As an active part of the community Jack also played an integral role in the genesis of the ACT. Thank you Jack for your dedication and perseverance. The Seacost Online press release is available here.

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