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Movers & Shakers

We were all so surprised and gratified as Arundel Conservation Trust volunteers to be chosen to receive Arundel’s 2018 Movers and Shakers Award from the York County Star and Seacoast on Line.

It’s been a very busy year for us as a new and growing all volunteer organization. So much has happened. The Welch Woods trail is just about finished. The parking area has been built and our first beautiful sign has been installed proclaiming our progress. Those are the physical signs of what we’ve been able to do but the most gratifying to me are some of the invisible things that really showed how our mission is affecting folks in our community.

Things like the day I got to work to clear a trail with a wonderful 5-year-old girl and her very strong 10-year-old brother. As we worked, we talked about the different trees around us and the beautiful ferns throughout the trail. I showed her the back of a fern and explained the brown dots (sori) were how the fern reproduced, “like seeds ?” she said. I turned back to her a few minutes later and saw her shaking a fern frond by the side of the trail. She looked at me and proudly proclaimed “I think we could use a few more ferns over here so I’m helping”. This is why I’m part of ACT; to make sure there are places where our children can learn from and be close to nature, to find joy and wonder in the outdoors and consider it her job to keep it beautiful and safe.

Or, like the fantastic time folks had at our Timber to Tides fundraiser. There have been some polarizing issues in Arundel over the past years and neighbors and friends have found themselves on different sides. At the event, folks who hadn’t connected with each other for a while came together for a common cause and had fun, laughter, good food and --might I add-- some wild dancing. This is what ACT is about, bringing our community together to celebrate what makes Arundel special and keeping it safe and accessible for the future.

But this is just the beginning! We have big plans for 2019, but we need more volunteers to make it happen.

All the permits and agreements we need to begin work on the Limerick Road property are set. We plan to start this spring to build trails throughout the land and connect it to the Eastern Trial and the river and would love to have you be part of the fun. Sign up on this website under the menu item labeled "Join in the ACT" and we’ll keep you up to date with our new newsletter.

Time to get some more Moving and Shaking going on in 2019! Please come and be part of the fun and community.


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