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Why I joined

My dog enjoys the river too!

As the newest member of the Arundel Conservation Trust (ACT,) I thought I'd share my story about why I joined ACT.

About 3 years ago, we came to the area to visit friends who have a family home here. We instantly fell in love and found ourselves looking for a home in the area. We got lucky and found a lovely spot in the woods off River Road. It's a place where all our cares in the world melt away and we can kayak on the river, listen to the owls at night, and frequently catch a glimpse of my favorite fox, whom I've affectionately named Red Reddington.

Wow, how much I've learned over the last 3 years about Arundel and the surrounding towns! This is such a special place, where people are friendly and welcoming, and it offers so much in terms of its beauty and nature. So, when the last membership drive for ACT happened and I received a letter, I joined and donated with enthusiasm, not really knowing what that meant. But the ACT was going to mean more to me, before I knew it.

About 6 months ago, a piece of land on my road became part of ACT's properties and projects. I am so personally delighted to know that the land that I've admired and enjoyed for the last 3 years is going to be preserved. The ACT has added footbridges and carved a short trail and it will be soon be opened to the public once we complete the necessary signage. I'm sure the spot will become beloved to those who are looking for a quick hike and a lovely view of the river.

When that property became entrusted to ACT, I was contacted by Joan Hull (ACT's President) and, since, have become an active participant the ACT. I'm helping out with marketing and social media and I attend the board meetings. I've met wonderful people in the ACT. The group is diverse and fun and each member is truly passionate about honoring Arundel's heritage through the conservation of it’s unique natural, recreational, and scenic resources. They are specifically focused on building the Arundel community and specifically ensuring the enjoyment of these properties for all, for generations to come.

There are many exciting project in the works. Our biggest conservation effort is focused on land adjacent to the site of the proposed new Arundel Town Hall on Limerick Road. Our goal for this beautiful 30+ acre site, close to both the Eastern Trail & the Kennebunk River, is to build a network of walking & biking trails for the community. We also have the River Road trail and other projects also in the works.

These initiatives are impossible without volunteers. Where you join the ACT, make a donation, or work with our ACT Trailablazers Group (find on Facebook here) to carve trails, your participation will make a world of difference to helping provide more community activity for folks from Arundel and surrounding towns. I hope to see you soon!


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